Behaviour Change Platform for D&I


Crescendo is a Slack app for continuous, curated diversity and inclusion education.

Improve Your Workforce’s Cultural Competence

Crescendo motivates employees to take inclusive actions at work.

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PDF Guide: Scale Your D&I Program Globally


Crescendo keeps the conversation about D&I going on a weekly basis

Consistency and accountability are two of the hardest parts of any D&I education program, Crescendo’s automated content delivery helps you accomplish these without the heavy workload to your team.

1) Story-based content paired with actionable tips

2) Personalized and delivered directly to employees in Slack

3) Starts healthy conversations between colleagues


Measure the changes in your employees’ behaviour over time

Crescendo metrics are tied to a three step behaviour change model, so you can see how your employees progress from awareness to action.

1) First, are they open to learning about D&I at all?

2) Second, do they want to learn more about more complex topics?

3) Lastly, do they reflect on the learning and engage others in conversation?



Happy Crescendo Customers


“Candidates bring up concerns about D&I, and Crescendo has given me the skills to discuss those things professionally with candidates, helping them feel a lot more comfortable.”

Courtni Clarke
Recruiter at Clarity


“Crescendo is a perfect partner to single day training sessions.”

Adrienne Barnard
Director, People Operations at ASICS Digital


“It was reassuring to see everyone participate in conversations and add their own experience."

Katie Allen
D&I Lead and CSR Manager at Fiix


Want to improve your workforce’s cultural competence?

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